Support Debate Education

Looking to make a quick donation?

The purpose of Estonian Debating Society developmend fund is to financially support achieving our mission and strategic goals, with a more specific focus on starting up new initiatives and developing promising individuals. Development fund is open for donations from private individuals, businesses and other funds and foundations. Both one-time support as well as regular donations are welcome to either of the two accounts below: 

Our legal name: MTÜ Eesti Väitlusselts
Our legal address: Telliskivi 60A, 10412, Tallinn, Estonia
payment explanation: "donation to development fund" + your Estonian ID code (if you have one) + e-mail address (if you wish)

Bank name: AS SEB Pank
Bank address: Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn, Estonia
IBAN: EE901010220002381018

Bank name: Swedbank AS
Bank address: Liivalaia 8 15040 Tallinn, Estonia
IBAN: EE592200221052050159

Estonian Debating Society is enrolled in the Estonian Govermnet list of income tax incentivised non-profits. To find out more about donations and taxation in Estonia, click here.

Thank you for your support! 

How is the money in development fund used?

Development fund can be used by the executive board of the Estonian Debating Society, for expenditures of 1000 EUR or greater the advisory board also needs to give it's prior consent. Money from the fund can only be used for achieving strategic goals, where project funding or funding from the state budget is not available. Development fund will not be used for organising regular events or to cover administrative costs (incl. salaries).  

At the end of every accounting year the executive board will present a report about the present state of the development fund and the usage thereof. The report will be published as part of our annual report and will be e-mailed to all supportes who have provided their contact details.

Non-financial support

We are always looking for professional volunteers, advisors and mentors to our team. If you are willing to share your time or professional know-how with us, please contact us and together we will find the best way for you to contribute.

Should you have other spare resources (free spaces, products or services), that you are looking to donate or offer on terms of mutual cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why support debate education?

Estonian Debating Society has been working towards it's mission since 1994. We are constantly finding ways to make all people better debaters and all discussions more reasonable. We have educated tens of thousands of students, organised hundreds of events and projects, conducted many public debates, discussions and online-debates, checked election rhetorics for demagogical manipulation and offered debate and public speaking courses to thousands of adult learners. The success of debate as a method of education is verified in an extensive 2010 meta-study by the English Speaking Union. If you believe, like we do, in open societies, the freedom of speech and the supremacy of well-reasoned arguments, we invite you to support our activities and to participate in them.

Estonian Debating Society fully follows the Code of Ethics of Estonian Nonprofit Organisations. Our annual accounts (in Estonian, unfortunately) can be found here.

If you have any further questions about supporting us, please do not hesitate to contact.